White pair of headphones with purple smiley face
White pair of headphones with purple smiley face
photo by Oakley Bentley

For Christmas I gave my film-making husband a 12x18 Halloween (1978) poster signed by John Carpenter, one of his favorite directors. And he gave me the pair of quality wireless headphones that I asked for.

When he compared his new treasure to mine, he commented to his sister, “All I got her….” But he doesn’t understand what these headphones unlock for me and the richness they add almost daily to my life.

I am an early riser, regardless of the day of the week, and during the work week, I am up well before the sun, regardless of the season…

Photo by Zoran Kokanovic on Unsplash

That Saturday morning, Joy, Meredith, and I were still holding out for a miracle of modern medicine. My father, still alive and just down the hall from where we sat, was talking a little baseball and, though heavily medicated, had weakly managed genuine enthusiasm when I told him that the Orioles had beaten the Yankees the night before.

So when my dad’s surgeon and a social worker sat down to meet with us that morning, we were not in any kind of mindset to decide what to do with his remains. …

Photo by Désirée Fawn on Unsplash

I did not expect for my family in South Carolina to meet my boyfriend until Thanksgiving, but with the unexpected death of my father, my timetable was slightly altered, to say the least.

Everyone knew of Jesse’s existence, but I had intentionally withheld his demographic information both because I saw his being black as a non-issue and because I felt that offering any sort of silly disclaimer would shine an unnecessary spotlight, thus making it an issue.

I had the standard jitters any girl has when introducing a significant other to her family, and that had been compounded by the…

The moment I unwrapped that candy bar, I felt like I was about to do something I wasn’t supposed to be doing.
This isn’t breakfast food.

1.) So, what… who cares?
2.) Who said?

As a kid, I thought one of the perks of being an adult was to be able to do whatever I wanted.

That didn’t fully pan out as I expected. But somewhere in there, I also seemed to lose that connection to those simple whims. I definitely have not been taking advantages of the “privileges” I thought came with being adult. …

Oakley Bentley

East coast transplant living in SoCal who doesn’t write nearly as often as she should.

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